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Are you totally sick of your current blog or website host? Is your site running too slow, too much downtime, too much nickel and diming for every little thing?

Read below about how I finally bit the bullet and moved my website to a new host after 15 years! It was quick, easy, and I saved so much money in the long run.

I started my first website nearly 15 years ago. I was a college sophomore and had just finished my first photography class and wanted to get some of my work online, under my own name.

So I did! I used a template through another website, routed my domain name over to it and boom, done. A few years later, I was needing to create another website for another venture, and since I was already at GoDaddy, I figured hey, why not? I already have the account, I’ll just keep going.

Years later and several thoughts and attempts to move my website to another host, it was finally time. Not only was my website having slow loading times and it kept having way too much downtime, they wanted to charge way more for an SSL certificate than other hosts.

It. Was. Time. Time to move on!

I spent a few weeks reading articles, reviews, and researching about the different hosts. I even started the process with BlueHost. But with a toddler, my time is so incredibly limited. I just didn’t have the time to do even more research, go into my GoDaddy account and follow a three hour process to get everything transferred over.

How I switched website hosts in 20 minutes

Then I found SiteGround. I started a chat with one of their employees and within 20 minutes, I had not only all my questions answered, but signed up for an account and provided everything they needed to easily transfer my WordPress site to their host.

Um, could that have been any easier? I’m not kidding about the 20 minutes thing either. They have a timer on their help chats and it had just passed the 20 minute mark when I was completely finished!

Needless to say, I was wholly impressed. As a mom and blogger, my time is oh-so-precious.

And even though I was super savvy with the HTML as a teenager, I have definitely fallen out of the loop when it comes to the backend of websites. So it was such a refreshing change of pace to provide a few details and they take the wheel.

Typically, SiteGround will transfer your site and data for you for $30 – which is totally worth it, in my opinion! – but I lucked out and popped in just as they were having a promotion: free professional site transfers!

Later, I ended up transferring all of my domains and email addresses to SiteGround, as well, and after trying to research the process on my own, I reached out via the chat function and things were transferred and back up and running in mere minutes.

How I saved money with Siteground over GoDaddy

My site was down for maybe a few hours and when I logged back in my website was faster, more secure, and help was just a chat away. I even saved SO MUCH cash over my old host.

Not only does that help me personally when navigating and taking care of things on the backend, but professionally, it brings more people onto my blog, helps them stay longer, and even boosts my income!

Just before I made the official switch over to SiteGround, I did some calculating to make triple sure the switch would be worth it. I own three domains, one WordPress hosted website, and one email address through GoDaddy. In the last year, I spent $372.25 with GoDaddy.

That may not seem like a lot, but after switching and paying for a full year in advance for all the same features and way, way, way more features like more page visits, SSL, unlimited email address, I instantly saved $261.10.

I saved $261.10 per year moving to SiteGround. I mean, WOW.

Hands down, if you’re looking for a new host to transfer your website… or even looking to start your first blog or website, SiteGround is the place to be.

For what it’s worth, I have the GrowBIg plan, which is only $5.95/month. It includes unlimited websites, 25,000 visitors a month, 20GB of space, free SSL, daily backups, free email… the list goes on and on. It is SUCH a deal for such a great service and customer service.

Right now, you can get 3 months of SiteGround hosting for $0.33 per month for three months (less than a dollar!) or WordPress hosting starting at $3.95/month. That’s a savings of $96 a year with WordPress hosting! You can view all the hosting options and exclusive savings through my link here!

Do you have any questions about switching your website host? Horror stories? Good news? List them in the comments below!