Living with a chronic illness isn't easy, especially as a mom. it's time for a modern, everyday lifestyle resource for our unique needs as women, parents, and patients.

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How to Take Great Photos of Your Kids

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Brenda Dalton is a voice of hope and humor for moms dealing with the trials and tribulations of living with chronic illness. As an advocate for those with invisible illnesses, she’s changing the way the world views chronic illness and disability, especially in young women and mothers.

Her goal is to show women they can live a fabulous life they love, even with limitations on health and diet. Her blog focuses on gluten-free entertaining, parenting tips, pregnancy and postpartum guides, shopping, and family travel.

Since being diagnosed with multiple autoimmune diseases in her 20s, Brenda knows the toll these illness can take on women’s physical and mental health, and most importantly, one’s livelihood to live a “normal” life like everyone else. She aims to inspire hope, bring humor, and encourage livelihood into her readers’ lives each and every day.


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